City & Guilds High Risk Confined Space Rescue & Recovery Specialists

At Warrior Fire and Rescue Service, we pride ourselves in delivering a professional, efficient and effective Confined Space Rescue service to our customers, with the added benefit of full firefighting protection.

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Warrior Fire and Rescue Service provide specialist Confined Space Rescue cover in and around the United Kingdom. We also provide commercial fire and rescue cover.

Our teams are all front line emergency service personnel with a wealth of specialist rescue and medical knowledge with many years of real, hands-on experience!

We are currently offering FREE firefighting cover whilst on-site providing City & Guilds confined space rescue and recovery.

Using the latest equipment and techniques, our City & Guilds confined space rescue teams are highly trained, experienced and qualified for Low, Medium and High risk confined space rescue cover.

We regularly provide rescue cover services for factory and process outages including entry and working in hazardous silos, chambers and tanks. Our Team Leaders are happy to work with you and advise on Rescue Plans and ensure the right equipment and processes are available should the worst occur.

We are flexible in our approach and can provide an entire Rescue Team or supplement any existing on-site confined space rescue technicians. With Warrior Fire and Rescue Service you can also utilise our Fire and Rescue capability to provide a full firefighting and emergency response as well as a Confined Space Rescue team.

Although we are based in the East of England, we are usually available at short notice for standby cover nationally.

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Copies of certificates, qualifications and insurance can and will be provided upon client request.

Get in contact with us if you would like to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation quote.

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Our dynamic teams include:

  • High Risk Confined Space Rescue & Recovery

  • Line (Rope) Rescue Specialists

  • Urban Search & Rescue

  • Swift Water Rescue

  • Serving Firefighters

  • Serving Paramedics

  • ...making us unique in this industry!

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service also specialise in Industrial Fire cover (including "Hot works"), Film and television production, Public event fire cover in addition to Line Rescue, Safety boat and Water Rescue services but with our wide range of experience and capabilities we can cater for all your needs and requirements.

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A first-class service

We are happy to advise and discuss your needs, assess the type of cover required and provide the necessary support when required, from fire extinguishers to fully equipped standby fire appliances and crews.

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We are on hand and available around the clock for private fire and rescue services hire. If you want to book our services please contact us.
Please remember that in an Emergency, ALWAYS DIAL 999