Professional Fire Cover and Confined Space Rescue

Warrior Fire & Rescue

At Warrior Fire And Rescue Service, we pride ourselves in delivering a simple but efficient and effective service to our customers to fit the needs of their event We've got you covered!

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service are a specialist commercial fire and rescue cover provider for anywhere in the UK.

We specialise in Confined Space Rescue and Industrial Fire and “Hot works” cover. We also provide Film and Television Production, Major Event Medical and Fire cover, Flood Response, Line Rescue and Water Rescue. We also provide 1st aid training, fire marshal and fire extinguisher training, but with our wide range of experience and capabilities we can cater for all your needs and requirements.

Our team are or have been full time serving firefighters or ambulance crews for many years and have been involved with a wide range of events with Warrior including, vehicle stunts and testing, location wet downs, film set cover, music festivals and also air shows to name but a few.

We can provide you with a fire marshal or a fully trained and highly skilled crew of firefighters and ambulance staff with a fully equipped fire engines to ensure that we have all the right tools at our disposal whatever the job!

A first class service

We are happy to advise and discuss your needs before the event, assess the type of cover required and provide the necessary support when required, from fire extinguishers to fully equipped standby fire appliances and crews.

Available around the clock

We are on hand and available around the clock for private fire and rescue services hire. if you would like to book our services please contact us.
Please remember that in an Emergency, ALWAYS DIAL 999