TV & Film Fire and Rescue cover

We provide a first-class film and television production service

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service are available for TV and Film work from big screen movies to small commercial ads.

Working with producers and location assistants, we can provide cover for an entire shoot or just a particular stunt or sequence. We can be in front of the camera or behind the scenes creating effects and providing fire and rescue protection.

warrior fire and rescue rescue team

Backstage work

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service can assist production teams with expertise to achieve the perfect shot, whilst ensuring the crew's safety during production. We can supply firefighters and fire engines for special effects scenes involving fire or hazardous conditions and also location wet downs and rain effects to give that wet look to a film set.

In shot work

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service can also provide help for in shot work. We can supply fire engines, firefighters and props to suit any production budget. We can add that extra realism to your story-line and work with your actors to show a firefighting crew doing their job

Our experienced firefighters can advise on styles and methods of firefighting from the 1970s to current times ensuring accuracy and credibility on screen.

warrior fire and rescue rescue team


Warrior Fire and Rescue Service previously been involved with various well-known motoring shows, feature dramas and daredevil stunts.

We are usually available at short notice, and cover can range from fire extinguishers to fire appliances and crew.