Below is a list of other services available from Warrior Fire and Rescue Service. If you require a service that is not listed, please get in touch, our team is so versatile we should certainly be able to help!

Advanced Animal Rescue

We have been contacted by the public on a number of occasions to assist with the rescue of animals from height or when trapped inside or underneath structures requiring us to apply our knowledge, specialist tools and technical rescue techniques.

We have extensive experience in both Confined Space Rescue and Working at height making us, the people with the right tools and skills for the job!

We recently successfully rescued a cat from a World War II bunker which made national headlines and broadcasted on most major news channels when rescue efforts from the Local Fire Service and RSPCA had to be postponed.

We provide this service voluntarily within our home county of Suffolk. Contact us if you need our help!

Community Events and Fetes

We are happy to attend local fetes and community events subject to operational commitments. We can provide a display of fire-fighting and/or rescue techniques if required and nothing pleases a child better than seeing a nice red fire engine with blue flashing lights!

Supporting local charities

Several years ago we decided that we would actively fund raise at public events for EACH (The East Anglian's Children Hospice), we regularly make visits to the hospice to show the children the equipment we carry and take them out for a drive.

We also attend with our fire engines and crew on their yearly 'twilight walk' so all the young fund-raisers can jump aboard have their photos taken with a fire engine!

Helping where we can!

As well as supporting our charity of choice (EACH), when we are able to we also like to help other fund-raisers achieve their goals by assisting them with their challenge's or 'dares'.

Previously we have cut a fund-raiser out of a car as a dare and have also assisted with a 'pulling the fire engine' event.

A can-do attitude!

If you feel that we can help you, regardless of a service that we have not listed on our web site please get in contact with us, we'll do our very best to assist where possible!