Are you willing to volunteer your time to good causes, have fun and be part of a team?

Join Warrior

If you have a fire service or other blue-light service background we'd be interested hearing from you.

We are NOT an emergency (999) service and should not be confused with your local fire service.

Our crews are all highly-trained serving or have previous military or blue-light service experience.

Warrior Fire and Rescue service invest in you - We pay for all required external qualifications and certifications to ensure that you are competent and hold the correct qualifications for the commercial work that we do.

The crew meet for our drill evening once a week and actively follow a twelve-week training schedule in order to maintain a high level of competency that is in-line with the current fire and rescue service manuals particularly focused in the area's of the services we provide.

warrior fire and rescue rescue team
warrior fire and rescue rescue team

Working in the community

As well as providing commercial services such as Confined Space Rescue, Industrial Fire Cover and Water Rescue, we also help in the local community; our crew members throughout the summer months regularly attend village fetes where we demonstrate the equipment we carry and allow children sit in and look around our vehicles.

During the wetter months of the year we have been called upon to provide emergency flood pumping in residential and commercial properties so as you can see the types of work we get called to really does vary, at times it is both challenging and rewarding!

Become part of the team...

If this sounds like your kind of thing, we only ask that you are able to meet our minimum requirements of which are:

warrior fire and rescue rescue team

What happens next?

Please use the details on our contact page to get in contact with us, we will invite you down on a drill night, you'll be able to meet the crew and if you like what you see we'll take it from there!

Application form

If you have been invited to apply for employment or contract work with Warrior Fire and Rescue Service, please use this online application form to submit your details and copies of your identification.