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Online Application Process

Welcome to our online application process, this form is designed to simplify and speed up the recruitment process for new fire-fighters that wish to work for Warrior Fire and Rescue Service.

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service only use highly skilled and reliable UK emergency service or appropriately trained military personnel on our Confined Space Rescue and Industrial Fire Cover teams and as such, this online application process is important to ensure that we can validate new candidates.

Uniform agreement

Warrior Fire and Rescue Service has a strict uniform policy and whilst PPE will be provided to you on a job-by-job basis, we have a standardised uniform that all employees and contractors must adhere to when arriving and working at our customers' sites.

Our uniform consists of the following items:

By submitting this application today you acknowledge that you will need to acquire and wear the correct uniform when working for, and on the behalf of Warrior Fire and Rescue Service.

  • A plain red t-shirt

  • Dark navy "workwear" or "cargo" style trousers

  • Black safety footwear

The above items can be ordered and supplied to you by Warrior Fire and Rescue Service; the cost of these items can be deducted from your first payment and if you need these items to be ordered on your behalf or would like us to recommend places where you can purchase these from online please email

Application form

Complete the application form below and submit it. You should hear back from a member of our team within five working days.

If you have any issues completing the form please contact us for help via. our Contact Form page.

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Training and qualifications

Please indicate if you currently hold any qualifications for any of the following subject areas:

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Please upload a valid fire brigade ID

WFRS can arrange training on your behalf for any of the above subject areas if you wish, please contact us if you wish to know more.

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